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Thanks to its subtropical climate and its variety of attractions and amenities, Singapore has become a popular tourist destination with visitors from across the globe.

Most visitors will arrive at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). From here, a variety of shuttle services, including buses and taxis, head for central Singapore, where the most popular tourist hotels can be found. Hotels in the region are suited to budgets of any kind.

When it comes to getting around the city, tourists can make use of everything from buses and taxis to bicycles and rickshaws. One thing that becomes apparent quickly is that Singapore’s streets do not have many private cars, a result of the government charging a pretty penny for residents that wish to run their own vehicle.

Speaking of getting around, tourists will find a number of sightseeing tours are on offer, including open top bus tours and duck tours. The latter is designed to take passengers both on road and water, utilizing amphibious vehicles. In addition to these, Singapore River cruises are also a great way of seeing much of the city. All of these are especially useful to those on a tight schedule.

When it comes to seeing the city, no visitor should miss out on the opportunity to ascend the Tiger Sky Tower. Visitors enter a disc-shaped cabin at ground level which then slowly rises to a height of 430 feet, slowly revolving as it does so. Once at its highest point, visitors will have a stunning view of Singapore and the surround region. When weather conditions are suitable, it is also possible to see as far away as Indonesia.

Visitors can also get an aerial view of the city from the Singapore Flyer, an observation wheel that rises 541 feet, even higher than the Tiger Sky Tower. Be prepared though; queue to ride the wheel can be extremely long.

Whilst Singapore is well-known for its tightly-packed skyscrapers, the city-state also offers some open spaces and greenery for visitors to enjoy. The Botanic gardens are full of lush greenery and perfect for those looking to relax in the peace and quiet. The gardens are frequented by joggers, tai chi enthusiasts, and those simply looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Another popular green space is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which again features plenty of lush vegetation and is also located on Singapore’s largest hill. Those that prefer their greenery with a little extra adrenaline may enjoy a mountain bike ride along the trails of Palau Ubin, a mangrove island that is also home to an assortment of wildlife.

Those that wish to see more of the exotic wildlife Singapore has to offer should head to Singapore Zoo, home to more than 2,500 animals. Those animals exhibited here include elephants, flamingoes, rhinos, and even white tigers. The zoo has a very special trick up its sleeve also.

Singapore Zoo hosts a Night Safari, the first of its kind. Visitors can book a ticket which allows them to enter an adjacent zoo at nighttime and see how the animals behave after dark. As many of us have experienced, zoo animals are very good at doing nothing during the daytime, so seeing them during the night hours gives a much better idea of that the animals actually gets up to.

Visitors that enjoy the zoo and night safari may also get a kick out of the neighboring Jurong Bird Park, which hosts more than 5,000 birds, the most popular of which are the flamingoes.

Singapore also has its share of beaches, all of which are ideal for enjoying the sunshine this part of Southeast Asia has to offer. Some of these beaches also make for great places to swim, but be sure to check local signs to make sure you’ve picked the right one.

Almost in contrast to the tranquility offered by many of Singapore’s open spaces, Universal Studios Singapore is a hustling tourist attraction that sees visitors hectically make their way around. Like its American counterparts, the theme park is home to a selection of thrill rides as well as a series of differently themed sectors, including Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, and, of course, Hollywood. As such, it is a wildly popular attraction with children and families visiting the city-state.

Universal Studios is located within the Resorts World Sentosa, a resort that features hotels, a casino, and the world’s largest oceanarium.

Casinos and gambling are actually a very big part of Singapore. Only Las Vegas and Macau are considered to be bigger in the gambling world. The city’s Marina Bay Sands casino is the most expensive in the world, and a popular destination with the majority of those visiting Singapore. Those with pockets deep enough may also enjoy a stay at the resort’s hotel.

Back in downtown Singapore, visitors can enjoy a number of cultural attractions, including the National Museum of Singapore, the Asian Civilization Museum, and the Chinatown Heritage Center. Chinatown itself is one of the more popular districts in Singapore, and a colorful and vibrant neighborhood to boot. The same can be said for Little India.

The city is home to an array of temples and mosques, many of which are open to tourists wishing to have a root around. Some of the more popular of these are the Thian Hock Keng Temple and the Sultan Mosque. Like so much of the city-state, these are a clear indication of Singapore’s historical diversity and its multiculturalism. This can also be seen in the many different religious and cultural festivals and holidays Singapore celebrates, many of which see the city awash with color and joy.

Those looking to enjoy the fine cuisine on offer will find everything from lavish restaurants to fast food joints, from bistro cafés to hawker centers, where most locals would go for food. Those looking for the beating heart of the party should head to Boat Quay and Clark Quay, where pubs, bars, and restaurant s are hey, while St. James Power Station – a former power station – now hosts some of the city’s best nightclubs.

All of this any much more is at the fingertips of Singapore tourists.

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